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Review about Hide IP Address Safe VS Hide MY IP

IP address hiding programs are becoming more and more popular nowadays, as for the purpose of safety and security. As of now, everyone wants to make his or her privacy as an utmost priority. This is the main reason that everyone is looking for some effective ways to surf the web without getting involved in unwanted dangers.hide ip address safe

Your online security is not considered secured until you do something. If you have not taken any security precautions yet for your system than anybody can easily hack your system and can make you in a big trouble. Your all data, files and as well as other  important related information can easily become a target of these people. That is why today everyone wants to hide their IP address to avoid these unwanted circumstances.

This is considered as the main reason that everyone wants to secure their system by the use of hiding IP address programs. However, there are many IP addresses hiding programs available, but Hide IP Address Safe and Hide My IP are the two IP hiding programs that are most reliable and as well utmost popular ones.

But selecting one from them is quite a typical and difficult task. Here are some of the comparison points that can help you to choose one that best suits your style.

IP address availability

Well, in the matter of providing availability of IP addresses then the Hide My IP software is quite many steps ahead as compared to the Hide My IP Address safe. You can easily select from more than 92 virtual locations from all over the world.

But in the Hide My IP address, you can just get a 50 IP address in 30 different countries that hide-my-ip-maininclude UK, USA, Canada, France, Russia, Chile, Japan, Italy and as well as many more.

So, if you are looking forward to buying an IP address that has a wide availability of network range, then Hide My IP is best for you. Just select it and enjoy the good experience of browsing with different internet protocols address.

Top Features

Overall both of these have good and exotic features. In Hide My IP Address Safe you can easily select the applications that you want to hide traffic for and as well you can also redirect the traffic on your PC.

In addition to this, Hide My IP Address Safe also allows you to keep the same address of IP as

long as you want without any worries because this software will automatically choose a new IP

address in every 1, 10, 20 or 50-minute interval.

In Hide My IP you can easily do encrypted and anonymous web surfing, unblock any type of

website, prevent the government sites from spying on you, send  an email to anonymous and as

well as many more features. These both software have great features, but overall Hide My IP

Address Safe has quite more features as compared to the Hide My IP software.

As it allows set IP address as long as you want and also allows automatic IP address chooser.

So, that’s why, if you are looking forward to more features than Hide IP Address Safe is the

elegant and perfect choice that you can easily make.

Operating System Support

Both of these almost supports all major operating systems that include Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS

and as well as Android also. So, comparing here in both these terms is quite difficult as these

both supports almost all major operating systems.

You can easily run these in your operating system in anonymous mode and can easily access the

blocked website with these IP address hiders.


In pricing purpose, the Hide My IP Address Safe is preferable than the Hide My IP as you get a

free trial and as well as you can also consider the premium subscription also. You can easily

select the free trial option for a while to check exactly what this software is.

But if we see Hide My IP software then it charges you $29.95 per month, which look like a bit

more expensive and as well as you will not get any free trial service. So, if your budget is

tight and looking for a free trail IP hider service, then Hide My IP Address Safe is best for

you and your business.


Well, overall these two softwares are ideal, but Hide My IP Address Safe has more user-friendly

nature and it is quite easy to use as compared to the Hide My IP software. You have to just

click on the hide button in the Hide My IP Address Safe and you get your new IP address ready

to use while the Hide My IP needs some more time and will keep you in waiting  process to

start. So, that’s why Hide My IP Address Safe is the best and ideal choice that you can easily


How to guard our Internet Privacy

The modern climate of mass surveillance has surpassed all people to question on how to effectively guard their internet privacy. Now, there are lots of recommended steps to lessen the risks on your personal online security.internet privacy
Always remember two important points. First, much of the data available from our universal Internet access is readily accessible to all intelligence agencies, online service providers, people who steal identity, advertisers of service providers and to anyone who has technical skill.
Second, most of the numbers of risks in online security is social and not technical. Passwords that can be easily guessed utilized across to numerous services and the well-known “social engineering”, wherein the victim is usually misled into giving their login and personal information.

Always use a password manager

A password manager can make it very easy for you to create a one-of-a-kind password for all your registered sites and it can also ensure that when one of your service providers has been hacked, other will not be affected. Some password managers are for free and some may charge for a minimum cost. Password managers are usually available for

kinds of platforms, which also includes mobile.
Disable Wi-Fi and GPS on your mobile if you are not using it

Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi telecasts all specific information about your device; your location, the apps installed, and Internet usage. Making sure that it is disabled especially when not in use will prevent unrestricted telecast of your personal data. Power management applications may help in reminding you by turning Wi-Fi off automatically as soon as the screen becomes dark, which may also maximize the life of your battery.
GPS: Your mobile provider may able to know your exact location with the use of cell towers. If you are using a smart device that enables GPS, a more accurate location data will be available to a wide range of individuals, which may include your app developers and platform provider.

Study the access authorization for apps, and make excellent choices

In the Internet world if a certain service is offering it for free then it is guaranteed that you are the product. Most free apps and services gather detailed data about you that may permit them to sell in a much wide market for their advertising. Make sure that next time you install a ‘free’ app, study the data it is requiring you to access, and known if this app deserves those kinds of privileges.

Protect your Contact Number and Date of Birth

Never give away your full date of birth. It is a major piece of data that most providers may utilize for their verification. The same with your full contact number, especially if you misplaced your phone and you are trying to retrieve your list of contacts.

Make it hard for other people to find you on social media

Consider naming your social media account with aliases or nicknames. You may also try using uncommon email social-media-securityaddresses for all the sites you want to register. Almost all online email provider advice you to do this by using extra symbols to your current email add. This way, it will be difficult for other people to look for you on any social media sites, and any time you start acquiring spam emails, you will know immediately where they got your email address.

Separate your personal and work presences

If you maintain a work email address, make sure to use it for work or business only. Your current employer might have the access to your work email address, so you do not want your personal emails be read by your employer, right? This will also prevent you from telling all your personal contacts that you changed email address just in case you change your employer as well.
You may also consider making different social media name: if it is work related then it must be in private, and if it for personal use, then you may set it to public viewing.

Encrypt your connections

Encryption is the method of encoding data; so that it will be only understandable to those have access to it. Most online services like Twitter, Gmail and Facebook, now provide encrypted or encoded connections. Make sure that your browser utilizes and encrypted the connection. Privacy tools like IPHider from DAW is able to encrypted connectionprovide such encrypted connections.

Collective action

While the given safety measures provided above that may lessen your risk every time you are online, the reality still remains that collaborative is still the most powerful action to do.
Worldwide, all people must require that all countries globally concentrate on the efforts to implement the ‘International Principles on the Application of Human Rights to Communications Surveillance’. All people deserve a compilation of principles that establish decisions from a certain legislation that standardizes online access, fair use, freedom, and privacy.

Is time travel possible?

Time travels have been a science fiction predominant and an insult to human’s common sense. However, physicists have not yet been able to disprove or prove that humans may really be able to manage the fourth time_traveldimension.
One of the professors has said that time travel was once known as scientific blasphemy. He used to refrain from discussing time travel for he was scared of being called a crank. However, he is now more careful now, saying he truly believes that human will one day discover how to travel into the future.
How could it be possible?
The facts of time travel look at the combination of two of the most well-known yet conflicting physical theories: “Einstein’s quantum mechanics and general relativity. Utilizing both of the two mentioned theories, all scientists have offered some ways that they believe time travels really do exist or can be possibly done, even theoretically. These ways are the following:
Einstein recommended the theoretical reality of ‘bridges’ by means of space and time, which are often called as wormholes. This theory has been enhanced more by several physicists that include Kip Thorne and Stephen Hawking.
The fundamental idea if you are very confident is that if a person tries to interfere with the openings of the wormholewormhole, he can possibly make it not only from a point in space to another, but also from one specific moment in time to another.
Problem: No specific wormhole has been ever located, and even if someone does, it would be impossible for scientists to manage for the intention of utilizing it for time travel, which usually measures just a trillionth of a centimeter across. It may also have a risk, having the possibility of unforeseen dangers such as collapse, contact with harmful exotic elements, and high levels of radiation.
Wormholes are not stable because of the too much exposure to radiation, according to Hawking. It is the same as, too much feedback between a speaker and a microphone, which may burn the equipment; a wormhole can be damaged by too much feedback of radiation that it creates. The moment the wormhole magnifies, natural radiation will start entering the wormhole, which will soon become a loop. In conclusion, though small wormholes do exist, and soon be possible to blow up in size, it will definitely not last long to be utilized as a time machine.
Cosmic Strings
Known as one-dimensional cracks in the universe, and the weirdest formation studied by cosmologists, cosmic strings may help people maneuver through a different time. Cosmic strings are either in loops or they are infinite, which have no ends.
Cosmic strings were known to have been come into being billions of years ago, the time after Big Bang, and Cosmic stringsince it showed a huge amount of body of matter, scientists believed that it could probably ‘warp’ time around it. The possibility of two strings alongside to each other might be able to twist space-time forcefully, which might make time travel possible, theoretically speaking.
Problem: Cosmic strings are only theory. This is a product of super civilization attempt, which is far beyond as what human can really do. People live now in a civilization that is not even capable of managing the energy resources of the planet we live in.
So, is time travel really possible?
Cosmologists believed that they have discovered a possible way knowing it by implying that there is really more than one existing universe, which is the ‘multiverse’ model. This may make all the other possible versions mentioned above to take place and someday believed that it might be possible for time travel to happen.

The State of Computer Vision 2015

Computer Vision, in a nutshell, focuses on machines collecting real time information from the real world and turning it into data. It focuses on the aspect of artificial intelligence in its purest form- being able to see Computer-Visioneverything as we do, visually understanding the world as we would see it through our eyes and simulating the exact thought process of a human being.

AI has been a project since the time of philosophers, and the creation of “logical machines” has been practiced to pave way to what we have today: not much.

Technology, in general, has been developing at light speed, with smaller devices loading faster, smarter and more capable processing units. Most of what has been in the dreams of many engineers, scientists and mathematicians of the olden times have come into fruition through the past years. It does make sense, since more advanced technology encourages faster development.

Computer Vision and AI, in general, are still evading our grasp. It is not because our greatest minds are not quite competent enough- rather, it is because they are too competent. The problem with what is being attempted is that the human mind is too complicated, convoluted and complex to copy and apply to machines. As a simple exercise, take a quick look around the room your are currently in. You will have collected a lot of information within the time it took you to simply turn, and there will be information that might not even be present at the time- “The architect was pretty good.” “This room reminds me of a library.” “I think someone was here earlier.” This all takes place in only a few seconds. To drive in that point, all you would have to do is take a quick look at the street where people are walking. There is no doubt you will be able to incur a few deductions with logical reasoning, such as identity, intention and interaction. Another factor that comes so naturally to human beings is emotion stimulation from sound, images and memory, which will cause a reaction. This is simply not possible for a machine at this time.

2015 is chock-full of scheduled events surrounding Computer Vision. In the second half alone, there will be symposiums and conferences in places like Kuala Lumpur, Berlin, San Diego, Lisbon and so on. At this point the focus is mostly on image processing, which is perhaps the smartest way to go. This is the first step to achieving a workable program, as vision is the easiest to render, and from there, pattern recognition and surface pattern_recognitiongeometry. These are the first, easiest and simplest steps towards complete recognition. While the speed at which development is coming may not be completely satisfactory, these are still steps in the right direction. Let us remember how many baby steps the Wright Brothers had to waddle until they were suddenly 120 feet in the air.

Once recognition has been realized, tracking, prediction, processing and numerical and symbolic production will come underway. It is very ambitious to believe that we will have a machine that will be able to understand a situation the same way as a human being will, but ambition is the key to moving forward.
This year, 2015, we have possibly the best tools and sharpest minds to take yet one step forward. We have reached the point where surface recognition is not an impossible task, and is slowly becoming a necessity. It will still take a few more years, even 10 years is not even 10 years is too long to estimate, though now we will be able to move forward at a steady pace.

Is internet security software able to protect our PC security 100%?

Internet Security Suites basically work by filling the gap between premium options and new antivirus software. Top internet security software is one that can identify as well as remove all threats that are there to your system including malware, Trojan horses, rootkits, and viruses. Let us look at some of the reliable top Internet Security Software 2015internet security software that are available today.

  • Avast Antivirus – This internet security suite comes with reliable malware protection and great user-interface.
  • AVG Security Suite – This is internet security suite that is well-designed and offers good protection as well.
  • Microsoft Security Essentials – This is another effective tool that can be used for protecting your system.
  • 360Safe Internet Security – Although it is a new software but it offers excellent malware detection and protection in addition to great performance.
  • BitDefender Internet Security – This software comes with several features as well as is well-designed though at times its malware protection can be disappointing.
  • ESET Smart Security – This is a reliable internet security package that comes with some extra features as well.
  • Kaspersky Internet Security – Here you will get excellent interface that will make it simple to operate.
  • McAfee Internet Security – Threat response of McAfee has improved considerably and it is now one of the best internet security suites available today.
  • Norton Security Suite – This suite comes with reliable defender and handful of features against malware.

    This Bitdefender 2015 review will give you complete details about Bitdefender Internet Security Suite 2015. Bitdefender is regarded among the best technical internet security suites especially for Windows for laptop and PC. This complete product offers wide range of highly useful features that one is bitdefender 2015 reviewexpecting from internet security software. Its 2015 version has made your life quiet easy by introduction of Profiles that adapt this security suite for specific jobs like watching movies, general office task, or playing games. Post installation, users will be presented with tiled interface that is quiet similar to Windows 8. Instead of having many tiles sliding awkwardly through Bitdefender window, there are larger tiles as well 4 subsidiary ones thereby giving easy and instant access to all key functions of the program. Modules offer cover AV, online banking protection, anti-theft provision, online backup, 2-way firewall, tune-up, anti-spam, and two-way firewall protection. Bitdefender Total Security 2015 refers Online backup as Safebox that is handled from online website- it is generally set-up as well as managed locally. This software works by folders and files synchronization that users select with the storage off-site. Additionally it offers two Gigabyte of space as well. Its anti-theft features are wiping stolen laptop, locking down stolen laptops, location stolen laptops but there isn’t any feature to capture image of individual using it. Apart from Standard Profiles that are by default applied, other profiles are there for videos, gaming, and work. Their task is to postpone maintenance and protection tasks that impair performance in addition to putting-off automatic updates from Windows. Just like several jobs in this software, users can leave selection of correct profile to be set as AutoPilot so that it managed IS suite automatically when engaged. Scan rate isn’t quiet impressing for this tool. It was able to scan near to 14000 files in one second.  The main screen contains banner for indicating protection status of yours. There are large buttons available so as to offer gateway of yours to Privacy, Protection, and Tools option whereas there are smaller buttons for allowing users to scan their computer, optimize system right from main screen, and update this software. Here individuals can select the Autopilot mode if they want this security tool to silently work in background. It should be considered for usage when users don’t want pop-up notifications each time when an attack is blocked by Bitdefender. Bitdefender Internet Security is relatively light on your system resources. Bitdefender will install desktop widgets displaying protection status as well as notifications and some browser add-ons. All these are easy to use and intuitive.

As per Kaspersky 2015 review, Kaspersky remains among the best internet security suites available in market. Its multi-device feature allows many devices to be connected together and it can block several malicious URLs successfully in one go. Interface of this internet security software is user-friendly and easy-to-operate. Hence it is great for beginners as they’ll enjoy simple and consistent design. It comes with wide range of features that will assist users in selecting actions for implementing and providing instant access to primary dashboard. It is because of the icons that viewing and identifying privacy and protection tools has become kaspersky 2015 revieweasy. When you open the application, it would display system and security status for reporting progress from most recent and past scans. Kaspersky internet security is offering four support channels namely Tutorials, Phone Support, FAQs and email support. As there are many customer support options, it means users have several options for receiving assistance when it comes to using aswell as understanding of this security software. Its protection features include anti-spam filter, vulnerability protection, 2-way firewall, rescue mode, malware protection, anti-phishing, real-time protection, antivirus protection, anti-adware/spyware, and anti-rootkit. Its privacy features include safe payments, parent controls, data protection, and ID Theft Protection. Under Parental Controls you have options like blocking specific sites, blocking specific games, and blocking particular content sites. There are some extra features as well like virtual keyboard, secure browsing, and search advisor. When it comes to protection against email threats, web threats, and malware attacks, this software suite performs well. It has minimum influence on speed and performance of your system when it is running in background. Minimum impact was recorded on usability of entire system including false detections, false blockages, and false warnings. As compared to its competitors with the same features, functionalities, and price, this security suite offers better protection. Moreover, it has demonstrated accurate file detection abilities. It will remove malware from cleaning it out from compromised and already infected systems. Practically speaking there isn’t any software that can offer 100% security but for ordinary users, top security software like Bitdefender or Kaspersky is sufficient for defending their systems.

Computer Applications in Psychology

Psychology refers to study of people hence it is natural assuming that systems are having no role in this field. It is however misleading. Just like several other academic fields in social science, Psychology heavily relies on usage of computer.  Nowadays computers have become highly essential as they provide psychologists with psychologycapabilities and tools for studying human behavior and human mind. These are also vital for expanding psychological research as well as are present today in nearly all psychological practice aspects. Lets us look at some computer applications in Psychology.

  • Electroencephalography or EEG is vital brain-imaging technique which cannot be carried out without computer as it is required for recording and then analyzing output. EEG technique will be performed on psychiatric and Psychological patients for detecting abnormalities in them related to electrical activities going on in their brain. In this, brain cells communicate via electrical impulse usage. These in turn can be detected as well as recorded as electric patterns in brain. If there is normal activity going on in brain, it would produce electric signals forming recognizable pattern. Most often Psychologists are using EEG for diagnosing as well as treating epileptic disorders and monitor seizures, but EEG is also being used for identifying causes of several disorders like normal behavior changes, sleep disorders and problems while language development. Computers also find application when Psychologists evaluate brain activities post severe physical trauma for determining whether or not patient is experiencing any kind of cognitive abnormalities because of injury.
  • Educational Psychology – Nowadays, instructional technology is growing rapidly in educational psychology’s sub-field that is focused on studying what is the effect of digital media on child development and education. In educational Psychology, research focuses on various implementations of the system for classroom instruction benefits. It also studies digital mind-mapping, video games, digital whiteboards, and social networks programs – all of these can’t exist without systems and all these are cutting edge of the current educational practices and theories.
  • fMRI Techniques – The next extremely important brain-imaging technique that isn’t possible without systems is the fMRI also called functional magnetic resonance pulses. The process makes use of highlyfmri powerful sound frequency pulse, computer, and magnetic field for producing detailed images of brain as well as other organs. It is also used for measuring small metabolic changes which are apparent when part of brain gets activated. The fMRI is of much importance for studying Psychology as it helps researchers match to particular parts of brain that are specific cognitive tasks like speech, memory, and reading.
  • Research and Analysis – In Psychological research, computers find wide range of application particularly because Psychological research in its contemporary form is statistically intensive. Often computers are being used in combination with special software like SAS and SPSS to process and analyze larger sets of data. In several cases, Psychological research is focusing on large populations study over long time periods. Software technology and computers are vital for processing this information in constructive and speedy manner so as to facilitate Psychological research as well as create data store for researchers in future.
  • Cyberpsychology – Cyberpsychology is the study of human mind as well as its behavior in context of interaction of human with machine and man. Current research however is focusing much on effect of internet as well as cyberspace on psychology of groups and individuals. Some general topics that are investigated include online relationships, gender-switching online, addiction to internet, and online profiling/identity. Though research in this particular field has been centered on usage of Internet, cyber psychology is also encompassing study of cyborgs, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. It is interesting to know that these topics have been derived from so called science fiction, actually they are becoming science fact quickly with the help of interdisciplinary approaches involving engineering, biology, and mathematics. Facebook that is among the highly used social networking websites is having high influence on psychological status of the users. When compared to private messages sending to other Facebook users, it engages its users in communication that is “real-time” in one-to-many ratio. This is the way by which users share information about personal lives of theirs, varying from videos to photographs to social activities. While Facebook users are enjoying connectedness feeling, excessive usage of Facebook is putting mental health of users at high risk. Individuals who are having mental health issues, Facebook could prove toxic environment. Some consequences of it include loneliness, depression, low self-esteem, and narcissism. Facebook elements like the Like button, striving maintaining best self-image, and exposing personal life of the person are some reasons for psychological issues resulting due to excessive Facebook usage.
  • Neuroscience – Neuroscience research basically means understanding how brain learns as well as computes information for achieving increased intelligent behavior. By making use of mathematical models and artificial systems they are capable of studying perception, memory, motor and cognition behaviors. NeuroscienceFor decoding neural data, machine and mathematical learning techniques have been implemented. It is also the field directing relations to many other fields like statistics, mathematics, engineering, cognitive psychology, computer science, physics, and neuroscience. There are 2 primary branches of neuroscience called computational neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience. Particularly, computational neuroscience makes use of neuroscientific information for constructing complex and computational brain function models whereas cognitive neuroscience combines behavioral and cognitive function for understanding relationship between human behavior and brain. Further, Computational neuroscience is studying function of brain in regard of information processing features of nervous system. This is a distinct field when compared to other disciplinary theories like computational learning, and machine learning. In comparison to computational neuroscience, the cognitive neuroscience is related to study of neural processes underlying cognition. It is because of advanced computer systems that psychologists are able to understand complexities of the human cognition better via comparison with things that are much easily understood by computer. Future of computer technology and psychology includes computer vision, machine learning, data mining, and simulated therapist interaction.

How wearable technology will change our lives

Wearable Technology is evolving day by day. Smart phones, smart watches, personal sensors and Google Glass like items are in news everyday because of improvements in product designs to suit requirements of users. You can not think up to what extents these items will work and how. How will they look in future and how they will make us look in coming days is not known. It is really amazing to think of changes, these wearable will make in our personality/ look in future.Wearable-Tech

With advancement in technology, new products come in market to change our lifestyle. Think of Apple watches, the latest one in market. We can not deny the importance of Google Calendar in our life. The easiness of remembering events has made us totally dependant upon them. The latest models of Apple watches have made us crazy about them. Wearable technologies like Google Glass have brought a definite change in our lifestyles.

Invention of mobile phones initially brought great effects. It changed how we socialize, work, communicate, think, behave and interact. Smart phones from reputed brands completely changed the scenario all over the world. Now you have video chatting along with so many other facilities on this little wonder item. These devices have solved problems of farness and keep bonded the loved ones even in different corners on earth. All aspects of culture have got changed with this device.

We adopt the changes and get adapted with time. The wearable carry so much of our own lives that they become a part of it. They make life much better. With extension of wearable technology in future, life shall be easier with better options. Its benefits in health care, enterprise, education will change individuals as well as complete society. The outlook of people getting adapted to these changes will decide fruitfulness of wearable technology in society.

Potential of wearable technology is highly astonishing. Wristbands are another item which have found craze amongst youths. Organizations are utilizing this craze to monitor health parameters of individuals. Level of pollution in environment around the individual wearing wristband can also be monitored centrally. Not only wristbands but jewelry, hair pins are also going to help in studies of air-environment, health care, and ultraviolet ray protection.

Wearable_technologyWristband made by Bionym provides ECG pattern data. Similarly, another wearable device from Basic Peak keep record of heart beat rate, pulse, body temperature etc. It is already in market at a price of $ 350. Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity wristband is very popular for measuring activities, sleep, and heart rate with more technological advances. Sophisticated miCoach Smart Run device like wristband has built in accelerometer, flexibility and strength coaching videos. These all the devices have changed lifestyle of users to great extents.

Wearable are getting smarter, more sophisticated and accurate day by day with loads of technological advances. These are entering in our lives, changing our lifestyles. Apple Watch, the VIP of wearable devices, will change lifestyles.

Ready Financing For Your Business Endeavors With Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding involves the procedure of financing an undertaking or venture through financial contributions from numerous persons, usually by means of internet. It is sustained by 3 principal players, namely the project maker who suggests idea for financing, persons or associations who approve it and lastly the platform which ushers parties for launching the project. Crowdfundings lets you earn more while delivering your concept to a big industrial segment at moderate costs unlike other modes of funding.Crowdfunding

Business managers utilize separate crowdfunding portals as against musicians who employ sites emanating out of causes & charities. Kickstarter is one such site in which innovative projects garner donation-oriented financing and may include latest products such as art setup, to a terrific watch or pre-selling a musical album. This old platform is not suitable to enterprises, causes or largesse and individual funding needs. Indiegogo on the other hand supports donation-based financing undertakings for almost everything like music, hobbyists along with individual finance requirements and charities and nearly all other things apart from investment. It has attained global progress due to its flexibility, wide perspective, and early beginnings in the sector.

Crowdfunder is a forum for creating investment and features among the biggest and most speedily developing investor network which was recently cast on channel Fox News. The site allows equity crowdfunding presently only by individuals and angels or VCs and featured prominently at JOBS Act ruling. Rockethub provides donation-based financing for an extensive range of inventive projects and is unique on account of its FuelPad & LaunchPad applications which assist campaign managers plus probable promotion and advertising partners to link and team up to make the kickstartercampaign a success. Other leading crowdfunding sites comprise Crowdrise, Somolend, and Appbackr with its niche group to develop mobile apps and Quirky for tinkerers.

Successful crowdfunding projects consist of FORM1 undertaken by researchers at Media Laboratory MIT for designing an inexpensive, professional 3-Dimensional printer that gained great popularity among the masses. The TikTok & LunaTik wrist straps designed by Scott Wilson became a huge success by transforming iPod Nano to a watch drawing more than 13,500 supporters while raising nearly a million dollars. These wristbands are recently sold by prominent retailers like Amazon and Walmart. E-Paper watch Pebble containing apps, iPhone plus Android was also highly successful and even beat Tiktok in revenues and fan following.

Elevation Dock, amongst Kickstarter’s most lucrative projects till date present a superior docking solution to iPhone and attracted numerous Apple users. Amanda Palmer’s unparalleled deal crossing million-dollar level ranks among the topmost music project for Kickstarter leading it to tout this technique as upcoming one for music industry. The museum Nikola Tesla, built by Oatmeal at Indiegogo has collected more than million dollars. Game console Ouya has also performed fantastically far surpassing its target of 950,000 dollars whose major followers comprise Marcus Persson, developer of Minecraft as well as Robert Bowling & Brian Gargo of Robotoki. Other successful ventures include Double Fine, the enterprising computer game.

Which Is the Best Antivirus 2015: Bitdefender or Kaspersky

In internet world where PCs if unprotected succumb to various kinds of virus infestations within short time span, installing antivirus software is minimum safety requirement. Even as top antivirus tools go beyond offering basic protection with advanced features like automatic scanning of removable storage devices, instant message protection, antiphishing, and more, there are categories of products that are above basic antivirus softwares offering much advanced protection features and are known as internet security suites. Here we will be discussing about two such suites as well as compare them based on different factors.

Bitdefender 2015 review

Some of the premium features that come with this product include device antitheft, encryption, as well as secure storage online. In addition to all basic features, this product has premium features as mentioned above. It will secure your online storage thereby allowing you to store bitdefender 2015important files of yours on cloud so that they can be retrieved even if your system melts down. With the help of device antitheft feature, you can locate your system from any device connected to the internet as well as wipe it or lock it so that it becomes tough for thieves to use. The file encryption feature allows users to lock their personal identity or confidential data in vault that none but the user can only find. These 3 premium features offered by Bitdefender are extremely important for adding extra security. This antivirus suite contains all basic features that are there in Bitdefender Internet Security and Bitdefender Antivirus. It will not just block malware but would also warn about the phishing websites that are there in search results in addition to links that one may encounter on Facebook. When one inserts USB in their system, this suite will detect action as well as screen them for all possible threats. When users are working on their systems, watching videos or playing games, Bitdefender will leave them alone as well as limit actions that can slow performance. Cloud antispasm is there for preventing your system from receiving email spam campaigns. It includes proprietary firewall as well. Parental control feature can be ignored or used based on parental status. Customer service offered by Bitdefender 2015 is great. It offers 24×7 customer support access for sorting out various kinds of issues. The 3 premium features from this product are truly desirable. One can store their files online, wipe or find stolen or lost laptop as well as lock their confidential information from prying eyes. It offers highest level of protection, usability, and performance.

Kaspersky 2015 review

Kaspersky is among the best-known software that provides internet-security. Its 2015 version aims protection from not just systems but ipad/iphone, android devices, and Macs as well. It comes with pretty straight-forward installation. Initial set-up is automatic as there aren’t too many settings. Its interface is clean and understandable where every tile in home window kaspersky 2015will lead to status settings and information. This suite includes features like online banking security, online browser protection, useful add-in extras, firewall, anti-spam, antivirus, parental control, and anti-phishing, among many others. Its feature Safe Money has won AV-Test innovation award recently. This feature helps you protect your banking details as it combines website security checks using virtual keyboard and encrypted connections. There are some new features added like webcam security that will stop intruders from hacking your phone, tablet, or notebook camera. Its backup module will copy files to online, network, or local storage. It allows for five devices coverage wherein you may be required buying extra storage as per your needs. It comes with vulnerability scanner that will check for all unprotected fragments in program code. There is useful tools page showing memory, network, disk, and processor usage in real time. It has extremely fast scanning speed wherein it will take not more than 2 hours for scanning 494,295 files. It is a complete system protection suite in itself.

Bitdefender 2015 VS Kaspersky 2015

Here we will be comparing these two internet security tools based on some parameters like Performance, Protection, Price, Interface, and Features. If you want to know more about Bitdefender, Kaspersky and other security suites, see this more comprehensive review of top internet security software.

  • Performance – Kaspersky is among the lightest anti-virus software that is available. If compared, Bitdefender is somewhat cumbersomBitdefender-vs-Kasperskye. It has enhanced its overall performance to a great extent with this year’s release.
  • Protection – Both these suites offer highest level of protection. Kaspersky suite lacks few features when it comes to performance and high level of detection. It has the ability to detect nearly 80 percent of known malware and viruses. Bitdefender tops the list of performers as it provided 90 percent of virus detection. It comes with best virus detection engines that are available currently in the market. It can be because of the 3 phase approach used by this product for virus protection. In its first phase it will check all new files against existing virus database. Next phase sandboxes potential threats as well as supervises their behaviour prior to taking action. Hence your device is protected against several potential threats. The 3rd phase will check each process for different malicious activities as well as capable enough to detect many clandestine viruses as well.
  • Price – Bitdefender 2015 can be bought for $49.95 whereas cost of Kaspersky is 59.95$ with special 20 percent off coupon.
  • Interface – Good internet security suites are those that can be used by experienced as well as novice users. Both these security suites have done great job when it comes to user interface. Advanced users would benefit from several hidden menus in addition to common features accessibility like configuring program, temporarily disabling protection, and lots more. Kaspersky comes with visually more appealing, powerful, and modern interface.
  • Features – Kaspersky offers features like privacy and identity safeguard, safe money technology, trusted applications mode, dangerous websites alert, safe social networking, and lots more. On the other hand, Bitdefender offers prominent features like wallet for keeping payments secure, enhanced parental controls, autopilot for handling tasks automatically, new security reporting, and cloud-based anti-spam that will reduce consumption of disk space while offering excellent protection from dangerous and annoying spam as well as phishing attempts.

What Can We Expect for 3D Printing Technology in 2015

In the year, 2014 a lot of advancements were made by MakerBot and 3D Systems in the field of 3D printing technology. For the year 2015, though these manufacturers made no announcements but it is expected that others will take lead in introducing new machines for 3D printing. Annual 3d printing tech 2015Consumer Electronics Show in Los Vegas is important for personal 3D printing manufacturers because of presence of large media representatives.

Resin 3D printers which got prominence in 2014, are expected to gain further refinements in design. Slicker products may come in market in this field with additional features like simplified easy work flow and consumer favored attracting cases. Real output given by such printers will be more important aspect, during the year for their evaluation. 3D printing is in evolving stage to go in right direction.

Several vendors in industry may deploy new functions on their 3D printers as content is going to play an important role in the year. Printers shall be required to print 3D models by turning their printers much better for use through content. So functions related to content strategies will get more attention for inclusion in printers. 3D printing is a manufacturing process, so its use in mass production will be of paramount importance during the year.

Plastics are used mainly in 3D printing. With entry into fashion world, plastic shall have to be replaced by another material because no one will like wearing plastic dresses and shoes. It is expected that Electroloom Company in 3D industry may opt for 3D printing of textile fabrics of quality.

Availability of 3D printers producing items with hard material such as ceramics, metal, porcelain is expected to increase though work has already started earlier. Shapeways, the Company in 3D industry provides 3D printers capable of giving any shape to a number of 3d metal printingmaterials, though in higher costs. Even human organs and hamburgers can be made with 3D printing. Evolvement of techniques with different material is expected in the year.

It is also expected that creation of designs which can be fed in personal 3D printers may be simplified to increase their usability. Simpler and practical designs in broad varieties may come on internet for the benefit of 3D printers so that these may be downloaded for 3D printing of products in homes. Printer manufacturers who wish to add their own ideas in 3D printing may be able to get help from modified software in designing. Adobe Photoshop has added certain features so as to make it more 3D printer friendly. It is expected that others will also follow it to popularize their software. Technology is under development in which one will snap the object, scan it in computer and try to get it 3D printed via Wi-Fi.

We hope to find these wonders in 2015 with hopes that 3d printing technology will emerge in forefronts of manufacturing process with lot of gains. Future is bright at small scale but commercialization is difficult to achieve in vicinity.