How Technology Influence Our Society

Benefits of Changing Your IP Address When Surfing

There are several reasons why internet users prefer changing their IP address prior to surfing. The primary reason is vulnerability level that is presented by usage of internet. While online privacyvisiting a site, one is revealing themselves to data collection and targeting of several different agencies like search engines, online marketing groups, federal authorities, and so on. Data related to your browser, web history, usage, and computer system are examples of what these data targeting groups generally collect. In addition to protecting personal data, several logical reasons are there regarding why one prefers surfing with change IP address.

Hiding IP is best way of surfing internet anonymously. IP address stands for Internet protocol address. It is a unique address of your system on the internet. IP address included 4 numbers that are divided by “.”. Such numbers indicate network, host computer, domain, and sub-network. Mostly every IP address has equivalent domain name address. When working online, it is important hiding IP address so that personal information of yours doesn’t gets leaked to outsiders. If you install IP hider software on your system, you will be able to hide IP address. With anonymous internet surfing, you’ll be able to safe guard internet privacy. Nothing illegal is there when it comes to hiding IP address but only when it is for proper reasons. In case one is having any doubt regarding IP address hiding, they can consult their legal advisor.

You can make use of IP address changer that will assist you in changing IP address of yours when surfing online. IP address changer tool would allow individuals to change their IP address anytime by simply routing internet traffic via overseas server. These tools offer drop-box which would enable users to select IP addresses from any of the countries that are there in the box. IP address hiding is the best way of protecting oneself from various kinds of online and offline frauds.ip hider software

When you hide your IP address, it would help you protect your system from spyware as well as other online threats. Spyware is software that monitors activities of users of the system. There are some free of cost webmasters and anti-spywares available in the market that can also be used. Maximum free downloads come embedded with these spywares hence once your download is over, these spywares gets installed automatically on your system and start monitoring your activities.

IP address hiding provides computer users freedom from constant pop-ups that keep bombarding in the system. When one enters any website, they’ll be flooded with ads popping up. Constant ads flooding are highly disturbing and irritating for users. As a result of this, efficiency of systems will get diminished. In severe cases, your system can stop functioning especially if one has urgent task to accomplish. IP hiding or changing protects your system from these kinds of situations.

Primary advantage of IP address hiding is that your system will be protected from all sites that are willing to monitor online activities and habits of yours. IP address changing ensures that you are not receiving bulk or junk emails in your inbox. There are some good tools available for IP address hiding that keep your system safe from hackers. These softwares have the ability to support constant IP address changing, hence chances to protect system’s privacy increases. One can make use of web-based emails for sending anonymous mails to others. At times this can be important for your work. IP address is for personal usage and one shouldn’t misuse it.

Range of IP hider software is available in market and IP Hider Ever is one among them. Let us take a look at how this tool works.

Anonymous surfing actually is pretty simple: there will be a buffer placed between the sites one is visiting online and their system. This buffer will permit you to view sites but the sites in turn will not be able to trace information of your system because of the buffer. Maximum softwares available in market for hiding or changing IP address work in this way. When internet is accessed under normal conditions, web browser of the system will access as well as talk to sites that one wishes viewing: in this way your system gets identified. However, if you are utilizing anonymous proxy-style surfing softwares, proxy server would become middleman that is the buffer. Hence when accessing internet, browser of the system will at first talk to proxy server and proxy server in return would talk to the site that you want viewing. The result is that ultimately the site doesn’t identifies information of your system, it identifies proxy server. This is proxy-style, common buffer method.

Some software like HideMyIP offers highly effective and basic method for surfing anonymously and that is by scrambling IP address. When your system connects to internet, these tool will scramble IP address just like good firewall does. By scrambling IP address we mean encrypting internet connection hence providing you with protection and privacy that you much require for surfing anonymously.

Another kind of IP hider software is VPN. There are a lot of VPN services on the internet and hma VPN is definitely among the best. Generally speaking, VPN is better than IP hiders becausehma vpn a VPN is able to do all jobs that a IP hider software does, with the added option of extra security and individual customizability. Another advantage of VPN is that it can also be used on both computers and any smart mobile devices.

The best of these IP address changing softwares is that they offer personal customization of highest level. Privacy levels could be customised even in real time so as to suit changing needs of the user including ability to block their personal information as well as mask their IP address. All privacy levels simply can be adjusted anytime by moving slider. In addition to privacy protection, these tools allow users at excluding specific sites all-together. It means that few sites would be allowed access to personal information of yours but only if you prefer it. There are many other useful program utilities provided with these IP address hiders. They delete cookies, browser history as well as pop-ups. They also offer prevention against spyware and adware. In addition to all this, these tools will provide you feedback regarding utilities like count of blocked pop-up ads, cookies, as well as in-page ads. IP address can be changed manually as well but when these tools are used, one gets the best level of protection for their system.

The Future of Books: E-Book VS Traditional Paper Book

Books are known to be the man’s best friend. They are the best companion at all times and give best and complete knowledge about something. The knowledge gained through them can be memorized for longer duration. With growing technology and scientific temperament of people, the form of books has changed a lot.
Centuries ago when paper was discovered and books came into existence nobody would have ever thought that one day these traditional paper books will become a thing of past. In fact two decades ago it was hard to believe that electronic version of books will take over the market and readers will be inclined towards this version of books. With the launch of kindle and other eBook reading devices, traditional books have started losing their amazon-kindle-fire-hdsignificance. Printing revolutionized and more attractive books came into market. But if we discuss about the future of eBooks in comparison with traditional books, we all will agree that future of eBook is really bright.
Even studies and statistical records also convey the same fact. In fact the trend is continuing to grow which reveals that soon traditional books will experience a downfall. Book lovers often admit that storing and maintaining lot of books often becomes difficult task. And it is very annoying when one of our favorite books is damaged by moisture or termites. But this is not the problem with eBook thus more people are getting attracted towards electronic version. The statistics for Amazon, the largest online shop reveals about number of kindle e-reader sold every year and this graph is gradually rising. The data revealed that in year 2013 about 20 million kindle devices have been sold which ended up in total collection of nearly $4 billion. These statistics are astonishing. The figures also indicate that the company must be earning around $250 to $520 per year.
Also when one buys eBooks from online stores they get great deals and discount, this has further added to the overall sale of eBook readers. The figures are received from kindle chart-of-the-day-printed-vs-ebooks-april-2012library users. The books are cheaper, somewhere between $4 and $10 a book. Other sites too reveal similar data. The data received from customers is analyzed and then revealed to readers.
Another popular online shopping website which sells eBooks as well is It has also confirmed that people prefer self publishing and have used this site and have earned more than 36 million. This indicates that e-readers have increased that is why e-publishers have gained popularity.
But whatever be the statistics, it is sure that traditional books can never be out of market though their buyers may decrease but they will not lose their identity in darkness.

How Technology Influence Our Life in Agriculture, Sciences, Arts and Medical Science

Technology has influenced almost all fields, be it science, medical science, arts, or agriculture. It has helped in developing better processes, giving better results, time saving, and lots more. Here we will see how technology has influenced the following fields:

Influence of technology in agriculture

  • technology in agricultureMachines Usage In Farms – With advanced technology machines, farmers are able to cultivate two acres plus land in less time and with minimum effort. They use harvesters and planters that make their task easy. In agricultural field, production and time is pretty important. Modern agricultural technology helps small count of farmers to grow large quantities of fiber and food in shortest possible time.
  • Modernized Transportation – With this, timely availability of products in market is achieved from farms. Modern transportation technology helps farmers to transport fertilizers as well as other farm products easily to their farm as well as supply agricultural products from their farms to markets on daily basis.
  • Cold Storages – Cooling facilities are used by farmers for storing tomatoes as well as other crops that are perishable. It helps in keeping crops fresh as they are transported to market. Food transporting trucks have cooling facilities installed for keeping agricultural items fresh until delivery. It is win-win condition for farmers as well as consumers.
  • Genetically Produced Plants – There are genetically produced plants such as potatoes that can resist pests and diseases rewarding farmers with higher yields that save time. Such crops grow faster thereby producing healthy yields. As these plants are resistant to maximum pests and diseases, farmers require spending less on pesticides meaning increased return on investment.
  • Animal Feeds Development – This has sorted out issues of hunting grass for feeding animals as now their feeds can be industry manufactured as well as consumed by animals. These feeds are available at fair price in addition to high nutritional value. Healthy animals result in best quality fur, meet, milk, and other animal products.

    Influence of technology in sciences

    Both science and technology walk hand-in-hand. Technology is useful for daily activities as it makes our work faster and easier with minimum effort involved. Today, societies are considered a part of information and digital era in which technology plays a vital role. On the other hand, science also has several benefits. Technology has influenced science so as to improve standard of living as well as make understanding of this world simpler. Therefore, technology is application of science for providing solutions to almost all problems. Some fields of science where technology has great influence are explained below:

  • Tools or Gadgets – Gadgets are used for wide range of purposes like playing games, spying camera, security purposes, communication purpose, and lots more. One of the best examples of technology’s influence in science is computers. Nowadays, computers are a part of our life and without it almost 99% of our tasks would get affected.
  • Products – There are a number of products being developed and discovered that save lives of individuals. Technology has made use of science for developing wide range of instruments that can be used in fields like agriculture, medicine, communication, and so on.
  • Techniques and Processes – It is because of influence of technology in science that individuals have developed various processes and techniques for handling different tasks. Technology has helped in designing processes like fermentation, composting, alcohol production, gene therapy, human organ transplantation, and many more.

    Influence of technology in arts

    Technology has rapidly advanced over past few decades as well as has brought about a change in the way individuals live or spend their lives. It has brought in computers, internet, as well as mobile phones that are highly influencing our lives. Technology has 3D printing statuenot just affected day-to-day life but various areas of arts as well. Over course of time, art has completely changed. Now people are not designing marble scriptures or statues, instead they are designing movies and graphics. Wide range of tools, techniques have emerged that have changed the way we look as arts. With latest technology tools and instruments, individuals are able to make statues faster as well as with better finishing. There are programs designed for developing images, backgrounds, and lots more. Technology has introduced digital printing techniques, as well as various other forms of printing. It allows you to design portraits without using physical colors and brush. As a result of advanced technology, art has become livelier, faster, better, and wider. It has helped individuals develop feelings that can be seen in visual form.

    Influence of technology in medical science

    As technology is improving day-by-day, constantly new developments are infiltrating. Some of the areas in medical science that are highly influenced by technology are explained below:

  • Internet as primary source of information – Nowadays, internet is used a primary source for gaining medical information.  It means not just looking up symptoms for some disease but exploring medicines and treatments as well. It isn’t a good idea skipping doctor consultation completely but with internet, patients have become much empowered at making decisions regarding that they will do next.
  • Social media helps health facilities reach remotest areas – These days, doctor offices, public clinics, as well as research facilities are taking advantage of various social media tools for reaching wider population. Healthcare facilities like hospitals have started using social media for establishing contacts with patients, launching public awareness campaigns, answering questions related to practices, performing community outreach, and lots more.medical technology
  • Less suffering and better treatment – Technology has introduced new medicines, machines, and treatments so as to save lives as well as improve recovery chances for billions. With new technology, researches have improved. Diagnosing diseases and other ailments has become simple, faster, and effective.
  • Improved worker efficiency and patient care – With information technology, patient care has become reliable and safer as compared to what it was before. Now doctors and nurses are using hand-held systems for recording medical history of patients as well as checking that patients are getting correct treatment. Vital signs records, lab test results, and medicine orders are put electronically into primary database for later reference.